What is amazon message center ?

Sometimes we buy some Products from amazon, but sometimes that product is found wrong or defective. Then for this, we want to contact amazon or we want to contact the seller from which we have bought this product. Like this, I recently had to contact a third-party seller on Amazon to request a replacement part and it was not immediately obvious how to do it and for this, we need to check the amazon message center.

How to get to amazon message center (in 2 Minutes)

How to access amazon message center

So at first, you need to find amazon message center please check the steps.

Step #1. Open Amazon App

how to get to amazon message center

So firstly click on the Menu icon in the top left.

Step #2. Open Your order

how to get to amazon message center

Then click your orders select the order you need help with ( Check This Image for help )

how to email seller on amazon

Step #3. Go to Seller Contacts

Now click on a link to take you to the product page and then scroll down and click on the Contact Seller

how do i send a message to amazon?

Step #3. Chat Option

After clicking on Contact Seller now you will see a Chat Page

how to email seller on amazon

Now you can ask a question and you will be able to message the seller from here, they will normally reply within two days and you’ll get a message sent to your email inbox. I ended up messaging the seller

How to contact seller on amazon

If you want to ask a question the proper way to reply to a message, you need to open Message Center

Step #1. Open amazon message center

Open the Menu icon in the top left corner of the Amazon app. Then Select Your account and Proceed.

how to get to amazon message center

Step #2. Open Message Center

how do i send a message to amazon?

Scroll down to the message center click messages

amazon message center

And Click on Buyer/Seller Message.

Step #3. Open Message Center

amazon message center

it’s here you will find your messages, just open it up and click reply in the top right to respond.

How to reply to Seller’s messages on amazon | Chat with seller

if you want to add attachments like pictures then you need to use a desktop. On a desktop just hover over your account click your account message center buy or seller messages.

Click message then reply and you can add an attachment from here. That’s it that’s how to contact Amazon third-party sellers if you found this article useful feel free to share.

can I include the link to one of my products (Amazon detail page)?

Yes, You can put the link on the page.

Can I send a pdf to my customers?

Permitted Messages should not include attachments, except for any necessary to resolve a buyer’s issue such as shipping labels, invoices, or custom designs

how am I supposed to log in if I can’t get into my account?

You can’t. You need to have a verified seller account

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