turn off Wi-Fi calling or disable Wi-Fi calling

If you are searching how to turn off wifi calling and you are using any android or iOS device then you are in the right place. One real quick for anybody that has OnePlus, Samsung, Apple, or any other smartphone you use a carrier that supports Wi-Fi calling And you like to turn off wifi calling for a couple of reasons like you have weak Wi-Fi connections or you don’t use Wi-Fi as much. So you would like to disable wifi calling because you want to use your mobile network for calls instead of the Wi-Fi.

Turn off Wi-Fi calling on all Apple iPhones

  • Step – 1 Got to settings and Tap on it.
  • Step – 2 Find Mobile Data just tap there.
  • Step -3 Then you’ll see Wi-Fi calling click on it.
  • Step -4 And here you can turn it On or Off.

Turn off wifi calling on all Samsung Smartphones

  • Step – 1 Go to Settings then scroll down a little bit there you can see Apps, Tap on It.
  • Step – 2   Then you can see Three DOT up click on it then You need to click on SYSTEM APPS o
  • Step – 3 Or you can either go down to the WIFI App Calling so try to find.
  • Step – 3 Get into the Wi-Fi Calling App and there you turn it On or Off.

Turn off Wi-Fi calling on all OnePlus Smartphones

  • Step – 1 Swipe down on your status bar and then on your left-hand corner it should say the carrier that you are using Wi-Fi calling.
  • Step – 2 Tap on Wi-Fi calling, then it should take you to your Sim and network settings.
  • Step – 3 Make sure you which Sim Slot you have your carrier SIM card. It could be SIM 1 Or Sim 2, Tap on It.
  • Step – 4 Scroll down a little bit and you will see Wi-Fi calling, just turn on OFF.

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