If you’re having problems like the PS4 Black Screen issue or ps4 screen goes black randomly not being able to see your PS4 menu on your tv screen. So if you have a TV or monitor where you’re it’s just a black screen, you don’t see anything so here are few things you can try.

How to Fix PS4 Black Screen | ps4 safe mode | HDCP

Method – 1 Unplug and Replug PS4 HDMI Cable

First of all disconnect and then reconnect the HDMI cable and see if that works. Because many times removing the HDMI cable and reinserting it will solve many problems.

Method – 2 Unplug Your TV Directly

The next method is while the PS4 is on, you can try to unplug your TV from the wall outlet and then plug it back in. Surprisingly this seems to work for a lot of people, so definitely give that a try.

Method – 3 Change The Resolution With ps4 safe mode

Now that still doesn’t work for you, it might be a problem with the resolution. So need to go into the safe mode, to do that you need your PS4 controller or joystick, and a USB cable that needs to be compatible with your PS4.

Plugin your PS4 controller and what you’re going to need to do, put your ps4 into safe mode and that’s gonna give us some available options to fix ps4 to get it working again.

Step – 1 Turn On PS4 Safe Mode

To get your ps4 into safe mode, you need to HOLD down the Power Button for about 7 seconds until you hear two beeps.

Step – 2 Connect The Safemode

So if everything worked out correctly, you should see on your screen where it says safe mode connect the dual shock 4 using USB cable and then press the PS button in the controller.

Connect The PS4 Safe Mode

Then it’s going to take you to the next screen which is the Safe Mode Menu.

Note - if you press the PS Button and nothing happens then that means you're not using the original PS4 USB cable that came with your PS4 and you are gonna have to find another USB cable that is compatible with your PS4.

Step – 3 Select Resolution option on Safe Mode Menu

After pressing the PS button and you are going to see a list here.

It may vary for you depending on which specific model your ps. Now from this menu you need to choose the change resolution option and it will restart and it’s gonna select your output resolution so go ahead and do that.

usually, the automatic resolution setting will work for everybody. however, if it doesn’t we’re gonna change the resolution in order to do that

  • Press the ps button on controller.
  • set it manually to the resolution that you know your TV or Monitor supports.
  • after selecting the resolution tap on X button on controller.

Now it will restart and your problem ps4 black screen will be resolved.

Method – 4 Change the HDCP Mode

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when you are connecting to a monitor or tv, if you are having some kind of issue then you can change Automatic to HDCP only. if you have an older tv you can try switching this mode.

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