All You Need To Know About Online Game Streaming

OBS Online Game Streaming is an immensely popular streaming service that lets users broadcast their games over the Internet. So if you own a Windows PC and fancy the thought of presenting your gaming skills for the whole world to see then you are at the right place. As we tell you how to twitch stream your games using a Windows PC.

How to do online game streaming?

Step – 1   Download the app for streaming

Online Game Streaming

First download OBS studio, once downloaded open it, and go through the setup process, once installed click on finish.

Step – 2   Open Game and OBS App

Now the next step will involve you starting a game in our case we’ll be using Counter-Strike GO  for our stream. So we’ll be opening Counter-Strike GO and we’ll keep it running in the background. Now open OBS studio and this is how the layout looks like at the start.

Step – 3 Open App And adjust your game screen

The first thing we are going to add is the game screen to do that under the source menu click on the plus icon and select game capture click on ok. Now choose the capture specific window mode below that choose window and select Counter-Strike GO and hit OK.

Now there You can see a black empty space on the right. To fill that up-hold shift on your keyboard and drag the corner using the mouse cursor until it’s perfectly fitted with this. You have just added your game screen.

Step – 4   Set up webcam and Headphones

The next step is we are going to set up our webcam menu to do that again

Click on the plus icon >> under the Sources menu >>This time select video capture device and hit OK.

On the next screen choose your device and Tap OK. In our case we are using the inbuilt webcam, now similar to the last step arrange the dimensions of your webcam window by dragging it from the corners, and you can place it anywhere on the screen.

According to your liking. Next, we’ll add an extra mic so that your audio and the game audio don’t get mixed up. To do that we have plugged in a pair of headphones to a laptop first. after that click, the plus icon from under the source menu.

And select all your input capture click on ok. select your device and hit OK again. Now under the mixer menu, you can adjust your volume input as well as the game volume input.

Step – 4   add customization

We will add a bit of customization to the screen. To do that click on the plus icon from under the source menu. Then select image hit OK now browse for the file that you would like to put in as an overlay.  Choose open and hit OK adjust it accordingly and that’s all.

So with these steps, your online game streaming will be almost ready!!! why almost because there are still a few tweets that need to be done here?

Step – 5 Adjust FPS and Resolution

So go to settings and choose video now and select your base resolution output resolution with FPS values. In our case, we have set it to 720p resolution at 60fps. (note that these settings totally depend on the hardware of your computer).

Now once you save changes and Go back’s you’ll have to readjust your stream screen because the resolution can be changed.

It’s easy to solve just select the layers one by one and readjust. once done again go back to settings click on streams as you can see the surface is already set to twitch.

Step – 6 Login to Twicth account

Click on the new stream key and to get the stream key open Chrome and log into your twitch account. From the main screen click on your profile picture on the top right and select create our dashboard on the menu. That appears on the Left scroll down and click on the channel under the settings tab. you’ll notice there’s a primary stream key up top, choose it and click the copy button right next to it.

Step – 7 Final Step

Now go back to OBS and paste the screen key close the menu and Save Changes. the last step would involve going back to twitch and from the menu that’s on the left scroll back up enter the title for your stream and hit update information. 

that’s all now, go back to OBS and hit start streaming to get started so we have started the stream and will search for it on Twitch to see how it looks like.

so this is how you set up OBS and start streaming your PC games on Twitch. we hope you found this helpful then share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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