How to use Google Reverse video search engine

Learn how to use the Google Reverse video search engine, As you know you can search for anything on google but did you know that you can also search for an image and Google will find where that image is on the internet. this can be used for many different things such as for example you have an object or that you don’t know what it is for example a plant that you don’t know the name of or an animal. so instead of trying to describe it or asking other people how what it is in the picture you can ask google it’s very convenient. This feature name is reverse picture search or you can say reverse photo lookup, you can search facts of any image or video using the Google Reverse video search engine.

How do you use google reverse image search or Video search

You know how to reverse search an image, you can also use that to check out an online video.

Step #1. How to select any video or image for reverse

How to use Google Reverse video search engine

This video claimed to be from Hurricane Uremia, and it got 35 million views on Facebook. And you can look at the comments first of all to see what people are saying – there’s, someone here claiming that it was actually from Uruguay years earlier.

Step #2. take screenshot of the video

Google Reverse video search engine

But, if you want to find out for yourself you can just take a screenshot of part of the video and then once you have that, you can go back and look at Google images and do your reverse image search.

Step #3. Paste your image to google

reverse photo lookup

So, we’ll open up Google images, we’ll see the camera icon, we’ll click on that, we’ll choose the option to upload an image, and then we’re going to put our screenshot into the Google image search.

Step #4. Check Results

reverse image search android

So it can look and see if it can find other examples online with that image. And we do get some stories here where people say, “don’t fall for these fake videos or images of Hurricane Uremia ”.

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