Let’s find out in this article, How to empty trash on android phones, actually, there is no recycle bin or trash folder on android phones as it is on PC or Mac. The main reason for this is limited storage space on android devices. That is why today we will tell you how you will do this.  

Improve your Phone Speed and performance by emptying trash and cache on Android

To get more storage space out of your android phone Follow these steps

Step #1. Open Settings

How to empty trash on android phone and clear cache in 2021

Open Your Menu app and go to the Settings app on your phone.

Step #2. Find the option

How to empty trash on android phone and clear cache in 2021

Scroll down and find Apps options, Please click on it.

Step #3. Selecting apps for clear cache

how to empty trash on android

There you can see your downloaded apps and pre-installed phone apps. Select those apps whose cache you want to clear.

Step #4. Open App and clear cache or data

how to empty trash on android

When you click on any app then you can go to the storage tab and then press the Clear Cache button. The cache for the app will be cleared.

How to delete unwanted files and data on an android phone

We often download files and then forget to delete them, these files will also take up space on the phone. When the phone is out of storage you can follow these steps

Step#1. Open your Menu and find Files app

empty trash on android

Step#2.  You can go to the Downloads folder

empty trash on android

Step#3.  Select the files you don’t need any more so delete them

select apps for emptying cache

You can select multiple files and you can delete them with 1 single click.

People like to download a lot of apps on the phone but in fact there are a lot of apps that we don’t use. These apps take up a considerable part of the phone’s memory space.

How to uninstalled unused apps – Easy Steps

Step#1. Go to the Settings then Tap on Apps

How to empty trash on android phone and clear cache in 2021

Step#2. App Selection

clear cache and cookies

Select the app you want to uninstall and tap on the Uninstall button

Since Android 7 Android introduced a new feature called Smart Storage. It allows you to remove images and video files that have already been backed up to the cloud automatically. If your phone has 32 or 64 GB of storage it will soon run out of space. In that case, you can consider using an SD card to expand its storage. Most Android devices have an SD card slot, you can get a 128 GB SD card and connect it to your device. Then you can move your photos music videos contacts, etc.  From the device’s internal storage to the SD card.

So, in this article, we shared several tips on how to empty trash on an android phone. If you accidentally delete some data that you don’t want to you can use an android data recovery tool to recover your files.


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