We got too many emails or search requests about How to change snooze time on iPhone. when it comes to adjusting the snooze time within the alarm clock on the iPhone that unfortunately is not possible to change snooze time on ios 10 or above ios. However, there are some really awesome alternatives and this is one that I personally use. so I do use this app called alarm clock and you can download it. This is for free from the iOS App Store, the exact name is called

 Loud Alarm Clock –The LOUDEST.

How to adjust Snooze on iPhone devices with a Third-Party app

So at first, you need to download a third-party app from the Apple app store. after downloading it please check the steps.

Step #1  Download the Third-Party App

How to change snooze time on iphone

Open the iOS apple store and download this app which is  Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST. It will take few seconds to download.

Step #2 Open up the app

how to change snooze time on ios 10 or above

Create a new alarm by pressing the plus button. so as you can most likely already tell this is very similar to the Apple iPhone alarm layout.

Step #3 – Check snooze settings

adjust snooze time iPhone

Open up the app as you can see the user interface is very easy to use. if you just want to go ahead and set a new alarm you just need to tap the screen.  Then you get this little blue icon down here, tap this now once you are in. you can just proceed.

Step #4 – Set a New alarm

how to adjust snooze on iphone

it’s very easy to use you can just select the alarm time at 11 p.m. and then you can set the snooze interval from 5 minutes all the way down to 45 minutes.

Step #5 Snooze timings

edit apple alarm snooze

So this really is an awesome way if you’re looking for those longer snooze times and now if you’re dumb off the alarm you can just press save.

Now alarm will go off at 11:13 p.m. and there will be a 45 minute snooze time and from my own experience, this alarm has worked perfectly. there have been no issues whatsoever and even if the iPhone is on silent, The sound still comes through much like the normal alarm on the iPhone device and this heaps of other great apps. like this one out there I know there’s actually a rock alarm app and when the alarm goes off it’s the rock screaming abuse at you on to get up and get motivated.

How to adjust snooze time on iPhone?

it’s an easy method, 1st of all you need to check

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