Are you searching How To Change Birthday On Facebook 2021 ? it Is Common In the USA, Sometimes too many people want to change their birthday on Facebook. Because when any first-time user sign-up on Facebook, Facebook gives the sign-up option through Gmail or any other platform. That’s the reason people didn’t have the chance to change their date of birth. I will tell you how to do this on the Facebook app. But it will be pretty similar on Pc too.

Some Great Ideas How To Change Birthday On Facebook 2021 

Step #1 . Find the Option Of DoB

How to Change Birthday on Facebook 2021

Open your Facebook app and tap on your profile picture from the top left corner of the homepage to get to your profile page.

Step #2. Check Your Date Of Birth

How to change your birthday on Facebook

Then tap on ‘see your about info Scroll down to the ‘Basic Info’ heading and tap on ‘edit’ to the right of it.

Step #3. Now Change Your DoB

Here you can change your ‘date of birth’ and your ‘birth year,’ To change your age tap on birth year and then change it to whatever year you would like it to be. And then tap Done.

How to Change Birthday on Facebook 2021

You can do the same with your date of birth also if you wish. You need to check the box to confirm that you are however many years old. 

Note that you can only edit your date of birth a limited number of times. When you are finished scroll to the bottom of the page and tap ‘save ‘Your age on Facebook has now been changed and after this Facebook sends birthday Notifications on your birthday between 9 am to 9.30 am.

How to change my birthday on Facebook after limit On PC

Let’s begin so the process is quite easy and simple. First, make sure that you are connected with the internet, and once connected simply open up your browser. Open any browser which do you use and go to

Open Your Facebook On Pc

Once logged in simply go and click on your profile here. So you can open up your profile this would open up your profile now scroll down below and here click on edit profile. Once you scroll down below go to the end

  • In some of the cases, you might not be able to edit this so you need to go and click on why I can’t change my birthday
  • If I open it you can see this option available simply go and select your month
  • your date, and your year and click on save.
  • Your new birthday will be saved on your Facebook account on pc in case if you are unable to change simply go and read this there is a limit to how

Too many times you can’t change your birthday if you have recently changed it. you have to wait a few times before you can edit it again . so if you frequently change your birthday facebook puts a limit on that and soon it will be gone and you will be able to edit your database, so wait for that process to complete so by doing so you will be able to know how to change the date of birth on Facebook on pc…