Nowadays the Instagram app has become very popular in the USA and globally, especially for its story features. Instagram gives you very good and interesting updates on it. In 2021 one feature is very popular which is to add more than one image on Story that’s why today we will tell you how to put multiple pictures on one Instagram story on iOS and Android…

Now you can share your photos along with videos in your Instagram story – Learn How to Step by Step

It doesn’t matter which OS you use, you just need to download Your latest version of the Instagram app from the ios or android store, So let’s start

Step #1. Open Insta App

Open your Instagram app and Tap on the add button, it is located on the left side on top. . Then you will see your gallery.

Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Step #2. Open Gallery

Select an image or video for your story from the gallery option, which is at the bottom of the page and

How to add Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

You can add multiple images or videos like this

Put Multiple Images on Instagram Story

Step #4. Find the sticker

Now go to the sticker option from the top and look for the media feature Option (check this image)

How to put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Tap On it and you can see your all images and you can instantly choose one or more images from your gallery for your Instagram story.

Step #5. Check the Process

You can add another picture along with the video that looks so cool right later add filters or text the way you like…

put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Apart from this, you can write quotes with fancy font styles which you like and make them very beautiful and attractive. You will get an option beside the sticker option. When it’s done then click on SHARE.

If You want to add Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story make sure to update with the latest version of your Instagram app from the play store or iOS store to get your photos and videos altogether in the story and many others feature.

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