Are you struggling to find time to publish content on your Facebook business page or simply maintain it so your followers can stay engaged with your Page? if the answer is yes, you might need someone to help you do that by adding an admin to your Facebook page. who can manage it on your behalf if you want to know how to do this then I will tell you How to add admin to Facebook page both from a home computer and your mobile phone.

How to make admin to Facebook page

But before you start Keep in mind that if you want to make someone an admin Business page then first add him/her to your friend list.

Step #1. Open Pages

If you want to make someone else the admin or moderator on your page then what you do is open the “Facebook” application. Then Tap on the menu option Go to Pages.

Then select the page for makind admin
Then select the page (in which page you want to add admin)

Step #2. Find Settings (Gear)

Now if you want to add another admin what you do Tap on this gear setting icons .

Facebook page admin add
2. Check the Setting Option

Step #3. Add Members

Then go to “Page Roles” and select this Pencil option and “Add person to page“. Right now only you are the admin.

Step #4. Select Your Friend

Right now only you are the admin. Now at first, you have to enter your Facebook password so as to confirm that this page belongs to you. after putting in your password, press continue.

select admin roles
Select the Role

Now on this page, you have to select one of your friends and there you have the option to make this person an admin editor, moderator, etc.

Step #5. Request sent for approval

So, if you want to make it as admin, then you need to select “Admin” and then “Add“. Now you can see you have added another admin and a request has been sent to the other person to be an admin. So, if the other person approves then the other person will be the admin of your Facebook page also.

Step #6. How to remove any admin

If you want to remove any admin from your page any time just select the cross icon and then select “Remove“…

how can you remove any admin from your page
You can remove any admin from here

If you make an Extra admin to your Facebook business page can save you tons of time. If your business is growing fast and you are struggling to manage the time to post regularly on your Facebook page and respond to potential visitors. it might be time for someone else to do it.

By Yash (admin)

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