Earn $100M From YouTube Shorts Without Adsense

Let’s talk about the YouTube Shorts Fund where you can earn money for your Shorts without needing to be in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). We’ll tell you what the Shorts Fund is, who’s eligible, and how payments work, so let’s start.

YouTube Started $100 M Shorts Funds Monetization – Eligibility, Views & payments details

What is the Shorts Fund ?

The YouTube Shorts Fund Means $100 million funds that will be distributed to eligible makers over the course of 2021 and 2022. Every month, Creators can earn a Shorts bonus between US $100 and US $10,000 from the Fund with the amount adjusted based on Youtube performance metrics. like your channel’s monthly Shorts (youtube short clips) views and where your audience is located.

Who can receive a Shorts bonus ?

Creators who make original youtube short clips may receive a bonus even those creators who aren’t in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program). Every month, youtube will reach out to thousands of youtube short videos creators who make short clips for youtube videos through youtube shorts based on their channel’s Shorts performance in the previous month.

All of your YouTube Shorts videos will count towards your youtube Shorts performance every month that they receive views, not just the month that they were posted on youtube and eligibility reinstates every month so even if you don’t qualify one month, you might qualify for the upcoming month.

So, keep trying to create new Short clips for Youtube shorts. Youtube will review each channel before notifying them about their Shorts bonus.

Eligibility and Requirements For Youtube Shorts bonus

So here we have mentioned few requirements to keep in your mind.

  • Your Youtube channel must have an original Short to YouTube in the last 180 days.
  • Your content needs to adhere to our Community Guidelines Copyright and Monetization Policies.
  • Channels uploading content with logos or watermarks from any third-party social media platforms won’t be Qualify.
  • Any duplicate content, reuploaded, like unedited clips from movies or TV shows also won’t be Eligble.
  • you must be above the minimum age requirements to manage your own Google Account and, ifnot then you to upload your parent or legal guardian’s permission.

How to Claim Your YouTube Shorts Bonus ?

One thing you need to keep in your mind is that this bonus not going to credit automatically. You’ll need to claim your YouTube Shorts bonus If you’re eligible for a Shorts bonus. you’ll get an email and a notification from YouTube around the 8th to 10th of every month asking you to claim your bonus.

This is really important because if you don’t claim your bonus by the 25th of the month, it may expire permanently. you’ll need to claim your Shorts bonus each month that you’re eligible for one.

YouTube Shorts Claim Process

To claim the bonus, you’ll need to complete 2 steps.

  1. Accept terms and condittions.
  2. link an active AdSense account to your channel, If you don’t have a linked AdSense account you’ll be asked to link an existing account or you need to create a new one.
  3. once you accept the terms and conditions you’ll be eligble and your bonus will be claimed officially.
The YouTube notification or email will lead you through this process. 

It will take few days to link an AdSense account to your channel. But once it’s complete, youtube will send you an email confirming whether your bonus has been claimed.

How do you get Paid ?

If you’ve been getting paid by AdSense before, you can expect to receive your monthly payment between the 21st and the 26th of every month. For example, if you claimed a Shorts bonus in January you should receive your bonus payment in February.

If you are new to AdSense you’ll need to complete your payment details first. It takes a few months. But as long as you’ve claimed the bonus the balance will remain in your AdSense account until payment can be released.

Once your AdSense account is fully updated, payments you’ll be paid between the 21 to the 26 of every following month. If you’re part of a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) or a network you’ll receive your Shorts bonus payments from your MCN or network.

When do you get Paid?

Payments you’ll be paid between the 21 to the 26 of every following month

Do I need to claim money every month?

Yes, if you don’t claim your bonus by the 25th of the month, it may expire permanently.

Do you need an approved AdSense Channle for Shorts?

No, You don’t need to approve your channel from youtube.

Article Credit Goes To Youtube.com

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