So today we’ll learn about e-SIM. Because, Apple has introduced the dual SIM feature in their iPhones for the first time in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR but this time the implementation is quite different. The primary SIM in these devices is a regular SIM while the second one is a digital sim or more popularly known as e-SIM and this is the first time it is implemented internationally.

What is e-SIM ?

A normal SIM contains information that authenticates your identity to your network provider while an embedded subscriber identity module or eSIM on the other hand functions just like a SIM card but as the name suggests would be installed beforehand in the device itself and cannot be physically pulled out like a traditional SIM. This will be even more compact than the nano-SIM and can be used not just in a smartphone but also in other devices.

Advantages of e-SIM?

So the advantages include the fact that the eSIM is more efficient and less prone to mechanical failures. Devices would get much more compact as there is no need to accommodate a physical SIM anymore and this might be a big factor for compact devices like a SmartWatch.

You don’t have to switch sims physically to access multiple networks and you can store those multiple network connections on the same eSIM which can be activated by network operators and then be switched with the tap of a button.

This will make the connection between various devices like smartphones, laptops smart TVs, and so on seamless thereby taking a big step in the Internet of Things technology. It has the potential to push competition between network operators in different countries like Japan and the USA and thereby reduce international roaming charges significantly.

Disadvantages of e-SIM?

There are certainly a few disadvantages with ECM and the biggest of them include the fact that it will be much more difficult for you to switch between carriers in the initial period.

e-SIM plans in Japan
e-SIM plans in Japan

In Japan, as of now only Au by KDDI, Holafly, and SIM2Fly provide support to eSIM, and in The US, it is AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon Wireless. It will take much longer for other network providers to catch up and until then switching would be difficult.

How Secure is e-SIM?

eSIM is more secure than your traditional SIM. You can deactivate any connection that you want and then it can be reactivated only by signing the QR code or entering the passcode provided by the operator and this will enhance security.

Since a single ECM contains information about multiple network operators it is much more difficult for hackers to steal your identity.

Is e-SIM the Future?

Well, I think eSIM is going to replace nano-SIM just like how nano-SIM replaces micro SIM and micro SIM replace the traditional SIM.

Well, leave the questions about the eSIM in the comments, And as always thanks for reading!