When you’re using FaceTime or a supported video conferencing app, you can open Control Center to change microphone and camera modes.

Change microphone modes in FaceTime

  • swipe to open Control Center
  1. tap the Mic Mode button in the top-right corner
  2. You can choose Voice Isolation to block out background sounds and highlight your voice
  3. Or Wide Spectrum to pick up all the sound around you
  4. Tap the screen to go back to Control Center

Change Camera modes in FaceTime

  • tap the Video Effect button
    1. Now tap the Video Effect button in the top-left corner
    2. Then tap the Portrait button to turn on Portrait mode.

    If your iPad supports Center Stage, you can turn that on to keep yourself centered in the frame. Tap to go back to Control Center and then swipe up to return to FaceTime.

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