Bathrooms near me | Find restrooms on Google maps

Imagine you have gone to a new place or traveling somewhere which is a new place for you and suddenly you have an emergency to go to the bathroom. Even after searching a lot, you could not find and private bathroom or public toilets you will be much tensed. But if you have a smartphone-like iOS or android then you can know very easily.

Just turn on your Google Maps on your smartphone, you can search Google maps on your desktop too. But before you search make sure your GPS is turned on in your Desktop browser or Smartphone. Then Type and search on Google Maps Bathroom near me.

Google Maps instantly will show you all the locations of bathrooms, Restrooms, and public and private Toilets which is nearest you.

You will get this feature with both Bixby and Google assistants. You can say or give the command to Bixby. e.g.  Hi Bixby Find Restroom near me or you can say Find bathrooms near me.

And if you search in Google Assistant, Then you need to say or give command Ok Google then you can search by saying Find bathroom near me.

Not all of us are present in any place, even then we can know the nearest bathroom or toilets of that place. Just add the location with NEAR ME. In this case you need to search Find Toilets near Los Angeles or Search Restrooms near Buckingham palace. It’s Damn Easy to find like this.

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